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Pranic Consciousness (Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Preventative Healthcare)

Welcome To Pranic Consciousness

Pranic Consciousness is a conscious effort based around Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Natural Healthcare to help all lead a happy, peaceful, holistically healthy life that will not only benefit yourself, but also the people and environments you come into contact with in your everyday lives.

This is because when you are happy, healthy, positive and compassionate your energetic vibration rises, you radiate a strong subtle energy that people can literally feel. Those around you in a lower vibration will start to go through an energetic shift when in your presence, this is because an energetic transfer happens as the two energies aim to become balanced.

This way, as people awaken to higher vibrations of love, peace, harmony, happiness, compassion and joy, just by being in each others presence, we begin to awaken each other in a chain reaction style fashion.


The Pranic Consciousness Healthcare Service include’s:

– Pranic Healing and/or Pranic Psychotherapy Sessions
– My Full Attentive Time and Compassion to ensure plans and sessions are as effective as possible.
– Very Regular Communication to check progress and also always available for conversations if you ever need to talk about anything that is bothering you.
– Dietary Plans and Recommendations based on your elemental make up (Doshas: Ayurveda) and condition to ensure healing is as quick and efficient as possible
– Mindfulness Plans that include meditations, visualisations, affirmations, breathing techniques, etheric hygiene techniques and more)


Throughout this website you will find information about Pranic Healing (including pranic psychotherapy, how you can get healing sessions, whats involved, how it works, the founder and the science behind it), The Law of Attraction (gaining control of your thoughts and situations), Preventative Healthcare, Information on the Holistic Pranic Healthcare Service offered, Testimonials and Related Blog Posts.

First Pranic Healing session FREE, £20 thereafter

Thank you for visiting and I hope you get a lot of use out of this website!


Cleaus N.Browne

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